Now Booking, Jeb Rault and Friends,  Tour of Central Europe

September 27 2023,   Werkstatt, Chur Switzerland

 September 28 2023, Rattlesnake Saloon, Münich Germany

September 29 2023, Enge Party, Zürich Switzerland

September 30 2023,  The Ranch, Orpund Switzerland

October 4 2023, Elvira's Trubli, Brunnen Switzerland

Jeb Rault and Friends Europe Tour, End of September through mid October 2023

Jeb Rault and Friends Europe Tour, End of September through mid October 2023

Jeb Rault is touring Central Europe with his longtime musical companions from New Orleans!  In February 2022, Jeb Rault had a great idea: why not invite some of his oldest friends and musical companions to play a live show together. After all, this group has been making music together for over thirty years! Their musical abilities are enhanced by decades of shared musical experience. This show, called Jeb Rault & Friends, took place at the well-known, newly refurbished New Orleans live music club Carrollton Station. The show was in such success that in 2023 it will not only be repeated , but also an all original new album is planned, which will be recorded in April 2023 with the same musicians in New Orleans at Marigny Studios.
All four musicians are originally from New Orleans and have found that they can not only perform the original music of Jeb Rault, but also that they can play old New Orleans hits like Aiko Aiko, Fire on the Bayou, Goodnight Irene and other songs written by Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Art Neville and other titans of the world-famous New Orleans music scene. Jeb Rault & Friends will perform their blues and roots rock music inspired by New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta in Switzerland and Germany during last week of September through  mid-October 2023! A show which will delve into the wonderful musical world of New Orleans and original songs by Jeb Rault.