Well I've got six fine plates that sit upon my table, and I've got pretty pictures hanging on my wall, They were all put there by you, and now that we are through, you don't call at all,
And the years pass by like water in the river, and my history is a showin' rather hard, but I work hard on the road, and I sing songs from my soul, to all these dreams we shared I still belong, and I've got pretty little pictures on my wall, I've got pictures on my wall
And I've got stately chairs that sit around my table, and my carpet seems so fitting for the hall, you know it fits a girl like you, after all that we went through, well you never even bother just to call,
and I don't mean to write from spite, but you cut me like a knife, what's the reason that we cannot speak at all?, and for all these pictures hanging on my wall?
Well the pictures I have tossed them in the river, that winds its way uptown outside my yard, the clothes you left I brought down to the quarter, some hippy girl can wear them in the Fall, I guess we never even meant a thing at all, like all these pictures on my wall.
from Rising, released September 15, 2023
Words and Music written by Jeb Rault, 2023 BMI Jeb Rault Music
all rights reserved